Winter 2022 Workout Schedule
New 2022 Winter Workout Schedule is HERE!

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Always a possibility there may be a change or two. 

All those living in the New England area know, the opportunities to play ball outside are limited from late October until April. This is especially hard on those who want to be proficient at the game of baseball. The Bombers will not let the long winters become an excuse for our players not being ready for busy spring baseball season. Our organization believes that teams must practice during the off season to develop as ball players. Now do not get this wrong, playing in games will always be beneficial to helping players to grow and improve, but those that practice during the off season will be considerably more prepared than other organizations who do not work out over the winter months.

Baseball, more than many other sport is a "skill" sport. Hitting and fielding are skills that must be honed. Therefore, the Bombers spend a significant amount of time and resources making sure their players have ample opportunities to work on both their defensive and offensive game during the winter.  Every coach on the staff attends all workouts with every team. We use indoor fields and both Sluggers Academy (Medfield) and Hit Quarters (Shrewsbury). We employ specialized staff from Mizuno Northeast to assist with the catching and pitching training. To put it simply, we think the most important part of being a Bomber is the work we put in the off-season. The high level of play we see from our Bombers in the spring EBL and town Little League seasons is a product of that time spent working to make our players the best they can be in the long New England baseball off-season. 


The Bombers staff understands and supports our young ball players playing other sports. We hope that each Bomber will be able to attend at least one practice per week.