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Bombers Hit the Turf Early

Just know not all AAU teams’ off-

season training are created equal. If you play on many other teams, your entire off-season will be spent in small cages. This is no way to get ready for the season. If you play with the Bombers, unlike most programs, you will get to train in full sized cages and on full sized infields. Our various teams will get to work on proper footwork, pitching, hitting and team repetitions on the same diamond they will play on in the spring. This is invaluable to players looking to not only get ready for 2018, but also, continue to take the next steps in their baseball journey. This year our first team took the field on January 5th, 2019. The middle infielders could be seen working on their double play timing and footwork. The third baseman worked on throws across the diamond. All the while, pitchers and catchers started to get used to one another. These reps will continue on in the coming weeks with multiple coaches on the field with each team. By the time we get to February, the teams will start live scrimmaging. For all of our players, we strongly believe it is the ability to grow before the season, through off-season training, that is the most important part of any AAU experience.

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