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All the Bombers teams enter the weekend of April 27th with a heavy slate of division games. These games are important to all age groups, as each team hopes to qualify for the EBL playoffs. The playoffs are important, not because we may get a trophy, but it gives the teams and players an opportunity for more games against good competition, with "something on the line." The Bombers worked hard all off-season for these opportunities. It can not be understated how much pushing the teams to get wins helps the players learn the qualities that make good ball players. It is through this hard competition that the players will learn what they can contribute to make the team successful. By qualifying for the playoffs, the players get more opportunities to play better and more concentrated competition. It is this process: playing to win during the regular season, qualifying and playing in the playoffs, and competing in all tournament play that continues to make our players some of the best in the region.

With these goals in mind, there have been early season stand outs for all the teams. Early season pitching from Jack Nickoletta, and William Goggin has lead to u12 wins/ tie vs top Division 1 competition. Similarly, great pitching from Max Boehm has kept the u10s in every game and dominant pitching from Alex Marx and Gabe Shwartzman has lead to multiple wins for the u9s. For the U11s Noah Kline has pitched deep into every outing he started leaving with a win on one occasion. On the hitting side games from Raphel Aberbach, Jake Broggi, Henry Redgate, Gavin Gemski, Robbie Fisher and Jack Sarmanian have lead the way to the primary runs for their respective teams.

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