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It was a great start to the new off-season with amazing response to our video initiative. Last Sunday, we soft-launched with around a dozen videos of skills and drills and footage from the vault. Collectively, the players have viewed those video lessons over 500 times. Amazing. In addition, in response to our video challenge, you’ve sent us over 70 videos of your swings. The Bombers coaches have spent hours breaking down each one and providing feedback via video. All of those one-on-one video coaching sessions as well as a few new lessons are live right now on our YouTube Channel. In week two we are asking each player to use the feedback to implement changes/ improvements to their swings. We will continue this distance coaching program until we can all get back on the field together again. Each week we’ll send an email and add a post like this with links to the latest video episodes we’ve produced as well as each team’s section of our channel with all the player analysis videos. Here's what's new this week.


  • Episode 18: Meet Coach Joe: Meet Joe Flynn, 13U Coach and the newest member of the Bombers Staff

  • Episode 19: Fielding Tips and Drills: Coaches Rosie and Blake illustrate some tips for fielding drills you can perform at home with a parent or sibling.

  • Episode 20: Weekly Video Challenge, Week 2:

  • Thanks to everyone who sent in their swings in the first week. Players should check out the analysis the coaches provided, work on implementing their suggestions this week.

  • THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Send your coach back a 2-3 second video of your swing adjustments by WEDNESDAY. The coaches will then assess the two swings side by side and tips and give feedback via video.

  • If you didn’t get a chance to get us a video last week, don’t worry, just send your team coach a video this week and we’ll provide coaching thoughts.

  • ADDITIONAL WEEKLY CHALLENGE: FAVORITE PLAYERS: Send a separate video to your coach with a short (under 2 min) video of each player telling who their favorite pro player is and why. The coaches will do these too.

Player Analysis Videos:

Thanks again and keep those videos coming,

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