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Hitting it out of the park...without the park.

Well, the entire Bombers staff has been slaving away in the video mine all week long. We wish we were out on the diamond playing some games, especially now that the weather has finally turned for the better, but for now we’re mostly tied to our screens breaking down video. It is a lot of work for us—tons of work—but we can tell the players have been working too; the improvements we’ve seen from Week 1 to Week 2 of our video challenge has been remarkable. Thanks to all the parents and players for all the hard work. Our kids have been knocking it out of the park and we're looking to build on that momentum. Here’s what’s new this week:


In Episode 2, Coach Blake talks about defensive plays with runners on first and third; in this episode, he flips the script and looks at 1st and 3rd offensive plays.

  • Episode 20: Weekly Video Challenge, Week 3:

  • Thanks to everyone who sent in their swings in the first two weeks—we’ve broken down over 150 videos now. Players should check out the analysis provided this week and work on implementing the suggestions.

  • THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: We’ve made great progress with the swings and we want to continue that momentum. Send your coach back a 2-3 second video of your new swing by WEDNESDAY, 06-May. The coaches will then assess the two swings side by side and tips and feedback via video.

  • REMINDER: FAVORITE PLAYERS: Send a separate video to your coach with short (under 2 min) video of each player telling who their favorite pro player is and why. The coaches will do these too. We’ve received videos from about half the players, but we’d like to feature every player in the club.


  • U14s:

  • U13s:

  • U12s:

  • U11s:

  • U10s:

  • U9s:


  • We’re going to do a mid-week video episode release this week. Look for catcher drills, a new fun challenge for Bomber families and additional videos.

  • SPECIAL SKILLS: We’re working on hitting club wide, but starting the week of 11-May, we will also welcome short videos of players working on special skills: pitching deliveries, catchers blocking, receiving and throwing, etc. Send those clips into your coach and we’ll break them down as well.

Thanks again and keep those videos coming,

-Bombers Coaches

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