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The U9 to U16 Bombers continue to work indoors on all aspects of the game. The Bombers invest heavily in their players offseason workouts, using full size infields in Medfield and Shrewsbury. The extra space provided to Bombers players allows them to practice live situation, bat against live pitching and continue to strengthen their arms through long toss and general game play. This work can be seen to pay big dividends as the Bombers typically hit the ground running both literally and figuratively when the season kicks off in April. Last year for example the u11 Bombers stole over 450 bases. When our players get out and have that level of success early, we hope it was the time spent actually playing live baseball in the Winter which allowed them to grow as a ball player. Players that come back to us year after year will continue this growth as we continue to develop some of the best players in the Region.


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