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U11 Bombers

The one word that sums up being a U11 Bomber is TRANSITION. The U11 Bombers team is a transition year to the intermediate diamond (50 foot mound-to-home distance and 70 foot base paths). The players must learn different concepts not used on the smaller little league diamond. Although the players still need to focus on their fundamentals, the coaches block off time to teach transitional elements of the game, such as: leading from bases, stealing, and working from a stretch as pitchers. Players compete under open-base rules.

This is important groundwork for the players to be ready for the full-sized diamond as high school and U13 players. The U11 team assembles in the Fall to get the players underway and to allow coaches an assessment period of where each player is developmentally. The winter months are spent working on the players overall fundamentals and getting repetition on the indoor fields at Sluggers Academy and Hit Quarters. It is the ability to train as a team over the winter that not only helps get the players ready for the season, but gives them the opportunity to be ready for baseball at 90 feet.

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