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The Bombers Mission

  • To teach young baseball players the proper way to play baseball

  • To expose young baseball players to high level of competitive play

  • To be the most little league friendly team in the North East

  • To have success in AAU tournaments & League play

  • To monitor pitch counts and not overuse pitchers

  • To expose players to a variety of positions

  • To offer additional training opportunities with coaches one-on-one

  • To foster lasting relationships with teammates

How We Started

In 2011, two coaches who wanted to grow baseball in the community where they lived, created the Beantown Bombers. That year the coaches sought to provide young players the opportunity to train in the offseason to develop their baseball skills while playing the most competitive leagues in the North East. They built strong baseball foundations for those players by drilling them on the fundamentals of the game during the long New England offseason. In turn this built the players’ confidence, that they could play competitive baseball at the highest level. Ten players and both coaches of the first Beantown Bombers team, took the confidence that was developed during the offseason and not only competed well in their inaugural AAU season, but became Little League State champions that same year. The following year the next oldest age bracket followed this model, and from there the Beantown Bombers club started to grow.


Today the club fields teams in the U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15 age groups and competes at the highest level of baseball in the region. Interest in the team continues to grow all over the Metrowest area as membership has more than tripled over the last four years. As the coaching staff and players have grown in number, the team has stuck to its mission described below.  

Who We Are...

The Bombers’ first and foremost are a training program for 9-15 year-olds.  Like golf, basketball, hockey and tennis, it takes thousands of hours to develop the skills necessary to succeed in baseball. A person can be super athletic yet still struggle to succeed as a baseball player without proper training. Players who want to master the skills must spend the appropriate amount of time working on them before the season starts. Players who may be successful playing in-town baseball without training are typically truly exposed when they play against highly competitive club teams. The Bombers want their players to have success at every level of play and we do this by giving them an opportunity to refine their skills in a team setting.

The concept of team training helps our players push themselves and learn skills that one-on-one training does not offer. While kids can get a private coach and train individually, that form of off-season training does not allow the player to simulate a team experience or give them social opportunities. Our players enjoy meeting in the cages and catching up with their baseball teammates. The players look forward to the workouts as a chance to not just swing the bat, but to enjoy time with their friends while improving their game. Furthermore, our players push one another to get better through indoor scrimmages against one another, and work on team concepts and situations. This is not to discount the benefit of individual workouts, but those are most effective when done in conjunction with team offseason training. Parents should not underestimate at this young age, how important the team bonding element is on a player's training experience.

As the Bombers numbers continue to grow it is truly the offseason training which continues to be our biggest draw. This is not to discount the enjoyment of the spring double headers, travel tournaments, and league playoffs, but without the proper offseason work our club would be doing our players a disservice. For 9-15 year-olds, giving kids the building block skills is what's important. The Bombers are developing these building block skills and having fun doing it as a group of friends.

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