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A warm February proved to be misleading, as March storms have unleashed multiple feet of snow on Bombers' practice fields. The U11 Bombers received in retrospect a cruel taste of outdoor baseball as they went outside in late February for an outdoor workout. Little did the coaches and players understand that would be their last outdoor practice for quite some time. Although, this weather pattern will not deter the Bombers from practicing. As part of the Bombers regiment, we not only practice in cages during times of bad weather, but also, use indoor space at Sluggers and Hit Quarters to inter-squad scrimmage until the fields clear. So, while many teams continue to be restricted to batting cages, the Bombers players will stay sharp this mid-March weekend. At the same time, we continue to be hopeful opening games on the Cape, and tournaments at the NEBC will go on as scheduled. One thing we know for sure is our

players will be ready.

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