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The final weekend of the Bomber’s off-season ended this Sunday March 25th, 2018. The Bombers worked extremely hard all off-season. This particular Sunday night both u12 teams ended practice with some intense endurance training. Yes, endurance work for baseball players. This is likely the explanation to many of the sour faces in this picture. In any event, it was hard work like the running done on this particular Sunday, that was the calling card of the Bombers off-season. During this hard work, the players grew closer, and by the end started to get restless to get outside. The coaches always looking for an edge from our players, ended the game play with a good solid 15 minutes of running. It was a good way to end the off-season, players and coaches alike are ready to play some baseball. If the fields are clear, all teams should start play this weekend March 31st.

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