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Many teams have the philosophy that Baseball begins at 90 ft. This simply means, they believe that the start to a player, playing “real baseball” starts on the High School and College sized fields. While certainly some truth to that saying, it totally ignores the fact players must learn to play with big diamond rules before their u13 and Junior high tryouts. Those players that do not get this schooling will be lost on the 90 ft diamond. Therefore, the Bombers believe the old, "baseball begins at 90 ft" slogan to be very misleading. The truth be told baseball begins at 70 ft.

The U11 year for the Bombers is full of learning new techniques on baseball fields that mirror the game on the High School level (90 ft base-paths). The U11 year is the first year for our players to play baseball with leads on non-little league fields, with a distance of 70 ft between the base-paths. This creates lots of new techniques and different challenges for the players both defensively and offensively. The coaches take their time, with all players, starting in the fall to introduce the different aspects and techniques that are new to the players. It is the workouts that prepare the players for the rest of their baseball future on the 90 ft base-path diamond.

One of the more challenging aspects for the players is for pitchers to hold runners on. By 11 years old many of our players are just starting to feel comfortable on a little league mound. Now these players must learn to pitch from the stretch, various pick-off moves, and how to avoid balking. The coaches work with pitchers on the side dedicating one-on-one time with the players to make sure they understand these various concepts. It can be a challenge for players to get ready for game pitching action that requires more thought than ever before. For those who want to take their game to the next level, the Bombers have implemented extra workouts on Monday night that focus on pitching from the stretch and other advanced concepts.

Other programs simply do not offer the detailed on the field instruction on the 70 ft diamond the Bombers offer. Many former players tell us, they go the entire fall never setting foot on a baseball field. Even more alarming is many programs do not utilize indoor infields in the Winter. The Bombers offer each team weekly practices on the 70 ft diamond in September, October, January, February, and March. It is this instruction that is invaluable to all our players to reach their full potential. While we certainly do not employ the recruit the most developed (biggest) kid mentality of or nearby rivals, our success developing top High School players is impressive.

It is the goal for the Bombers to develop both strong High School players and future College players. In order for the Bombers players to make their Junior high and Varsity teams, it is must to learn the game on the intermediate field. Players who wait to learn these important techniques will fall dangerously behind their Bombers peers, who learn the game first at 70 ft.

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