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The Beantown Bombers offer intensive off-season workouts to get all teams ready for a highly competitive spring season. As most know, teams in the north east can not

practice outdoors until the seasons begins in mid April. By utilizing multiple facilities at Sluggers and Hit Quarters the Bombers are able to not only get an abundance of reps in the cages, but also, get live action on indoor fields. This indoor work is not offered by most programs. The use of full sized high school infields for our older teams, and intermediate infields for our younger teams is invaluable to our players. By practicing on the field once a week our players are able to face live action before the season begins. This is always an exciting time to be a part of the Bombers. While other teams confine themselves to small spaces, we get ready to continue to compete on the same sized fields we will play on in the spring.

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