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As everyone is having to adjust to this new normal this includes the Bombers. In many ways, this is like a new, unexpected off-season for our teams. We always aim to win the off-season through smart, vigorous training that goes a step beyond what other clubs offer. We pride ourselves on the strength of our winter programs--and this year was our best ever--so we want to WIN this new, strange off-season too. We are putting in place some new programs that I'm excited to share with you. Given the constraints of the situation, we're shifting all the energy of the program from on-field to on-line.

  • This program will have three components:

  1. Weekly team Zoom chats. These will be less about baseball instruction than just a chance for the players to see each other, catch up and shoot the breeze.

  2. Episodic baseball lessons. We've dug up all the old Bombers footage we could find and shot some new stuff to illustrate some baseball situations the players can learn from, some skills and drills they can work on at home and some fun stuff. Each episode has a coach giving a voice-over and on-screen graphics to break down each particular skill or situation we're covering.

  3. Team skill lessons: Each week we're going to challenge every Bomber player to work on a particular skill and have their parents shoot a short, 2-5 second video of them doing that skill and email the video to their team coach. The coaches will then use our analysis tools break down each player's mechanics and set up on each skill and provide suggestions on particular things to work on. At the end of the week the coaches will share their analysis videos with the entire team. This will allow us to maintain continued individual and team instruction even though we're all still apart.

We think this is the best possible program we--or anyone--can offer right now and we're quite excited to embark on this program with you. Please dig into the new Bombers YouTube Channel and tell us what you think. This is a brand-new endeavor for the club and all the coaches, so we do welcome your feedback and appreciate your patience.

We really, truly can't wait to see you all out on the diamond, but in the meantime, we're looking forward to seeing you all online.

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