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The weekend of April 21st and 22nd was a big weekend for the Bombers to show improvement through getting wins on various levels of the program. Overall, the U9-U12 Bombers went 8 and 6 over the weekend. The u11 and u12 Red team enjoyed the most success, each winning 3 and losing just 1.

The secret to the success was no mystery, the games won by the Bombers were dominated by great pitching. For the U11s it was Graham Marx who continued to take leaps and bounds with his level of play. On this particular weekend, he pitched a 4-inning gem, giving up only a 1 earned run. On the U

10 level, it was both Chase Murphy and Alistar Cooper who went full games to get the wins. Both pitchers faced difficult opponents but were able to pick up key strike outs throughout the game. Those three were not to be out done by Lucas Sharrok and Caleb Glassow on the U12 level. All pitchers’ demonstrated toughness during difficult situations throughout the games. They also were able to pitch deep in the games, as each player worked hard this winter to develop their arm endurance during live pitching sessions.

While the pitching was a catalyst for the wins, the base-running is what allowed the Bomber to pull away in many of these weekend games. A hallmark of being a Bomber for years has been aggressive base-running. Anyone who has played for us long enough has been on a sideline where the other coach losses his temper because of Bombers’ players aggressively taking the next base. This begins on the U10 level where Bombers player are constantly forcing the action. As the players move to lose bases as U11s, the aggressiveness intensifies. That was for sure the case this weekend. On the U10 level, the Bombers infuriated our opponent with aggressive play. At one point, the coach asked us to warn him our kids were going to be so aggressive. On the U11 level that style of play continued, with each player who got on base, stealing around to third almost at will.

This weekend looks great for some more baseball, we hope to see the continued success

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